With the recommended closure of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in 2005, the Federal government declared 62.5 acres on the main post of WRAMC in northwest Washington, DC as surplus property, thereby making it available to a local redevelopment authority (LRA) for re-use. Acting through the Walter Reed LRA, the District of Columbia acquired 5 additional acres, including site frontage, through negotiations in 2010, and it is charged with submitting a Reuse Plan to the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Reuse Plan provides a vision and framework for the comprehensive reuse of the site as a mixed use destination that will serve the surrounding communities and the District overall by providing economic growth, jobs and a range of public benefits via development of residential, retail, office and public green space on a previously self-contained, insulated military hospice installation.

LRA Description

The Walter Reed Local Redevelopment Authority: In accordance with BRAC law, the District established the Walter Reed LRA by Mayoral Order 2006-21. DC is the only jurisdiction comprising the LRA and is recognized by the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment.

The Mayor of the District of Columbia established the Walter Reed LRA Committee to oversee the preparation of the Reuse Plan. The LRA Committee is comprised of 22 members including eight District agency directors, 10 voting and alternate citizen members, and four ex-officio members. The citizen members were appointed by the Chairman of the District Council. The District agency delegates and five of the citizen members are voting members of the LRA Committee.