Neighborhood Context

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) former campus is bordered by the neighborhoods of Shepherd Park, Takoma, and Brightwood. The neighborhood of Manor Park lies to the southeast, but is not contiguous with the WRAMC campus. Rock Creek Park forms the western edge of the Site and is a major regional open space. All these neighborhoods are predominantly residential in character with some institutional and commercial uses.

Two major thoroughfares run north and south along the edges of the former WRAMC campus: Georgia Avenue on the east and 16th Street on the west. Georgia Avenue is more commercial in character while 16th Street, open to Rock Creek Park along its western edge for much of its run, acts more as a residential and institutional boulevard. The primary entrances and exits for the former military campus used to be located on these two major corridors.

The Red Line of the Metrorail System also runs north-south through the area, with the closest stop at the Takoma station, approximately ¾-mile from the Site. Dahlia and Butternut streets form the primary opportunity for pedestrian access between the Site and the Metro station, though neither provides a direct route. The Site is serviced by eight Metrobus lines, including one that connects to the Metrorail system.

Walking distance radii centered on the Takoma Metro Station indicate that the campus is just over a 10-minute walk to the station. While the campus is within a reasonable walking distance from the transit stop, the lack of a direct pedestrian pathway increases the actual travel time. Inadequate wayfinding signage to the Metro contributes to the perceived distance of the campus from the Metro.

As the second set of walking distance radii centered on the WRAMC campus indicates, the campus itself is contained within a 5-minute walking radius, and is therefore very walkable and pedestrian-friendly.

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