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Community Advisory Committee 

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) created by the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Community Advisory Committee Amendment Act of 2013. The members were sworn in on March 11, 2014. The CAC will provide input on a range of topics relating to the implementation of the project, such as construction concerns, traffic, connecting residents with employment and business opportunities and a host of other issues.  The members include:

  • Randall Clarke, designee representing Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development Brian Kenner
  • VACANT, designee representing Council Chairman Phil Mendelson
  • Sherryl Newman, designee representing Ward 4 Council Member Brandon Todd
  • Stephen Whatley, ANC 4A Representative
  • Natalee Snider, ANC  4B Representative
  • Margaret Singleton, Brightwood Representative
  • Leila Batties,  Shepherd Park Representative
  • Alice Giancola, Takoma Representative
  • Caroline Kenney, Master Developer Representative
The meetings’ agendas, transcripts, presentations, calendar and legislation can be found below:

Future meeting locations will be announced on this site in advance of the meeting.